There was once a time when a milkshake consisted of nothing more than regular milk, and brightly coloured, powdered, flavouring.

Now milkshakes have seen a renaissance, and take pride of place on the menus of fashionable cafes and bars.

Freakshakes and Monstershakes are particularly on trend, thanks to our Australian cousins. They feature extreme ingredients, and are often served in huge portions.

There are hundreds of websites now available for the Freakshake enthusiast.

Among some of the craziest shakes we found are the birthday cake shake, which is a milkshake, topped with a wedge of birthday cake, cream, marshmallows and topped with candles.

Another favourite is served in a jar and topped with a stack of donuts, waffles and pancakes. The milkshake stands at almost 14 inches tall.

The stylising of the modern milkshake is a huge part of this trend. Tennessee Jars are the perfect glasses for Freakshakes.

If super extreme shakes seem a step too far, ice cream based shakes with fancy toppings are also popular served in Tennessee Jars.