We are often asked, by our customers "where should the logo go?". Well, its up to you - we hand apply the logos to the cups, mugs or latte glasses so, as long as we can get the logo on the item, anything goes. 

Most of our customers, be they coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, hair salons or car dealerships go with 1 logo on the cup. I suppose this is down to costs more than anything. It costs a little bit more to have two logos on the cup so people stick with one. This begs the question "on what side should the logo be applied?".

The majority have the logo on the side facing the right handed drinker i.e if you pick the cup up in your right hand you, the drinker, can see the logo, There is a school of thought, though, that the logo should face away so the logo is visible to other people in the vicinity, and that assumes eveyone is right handed! It comes down to personal choice but there is another thing to consider. We think the cups do their best work as little brand ambassadors when lined up on your coffee machine with the logos facing outwards, complementing the professional and smart appearance of your counter. This level of bespoke decoration reassures your customers that you are a smart, well-run establishment worthy of a little of their time and money,

Given this, we don't think the side on which the logo is printed matters that much although a chap at the recent Caffe Culture show spent some time with me working out with which hand his baristas would be grabbing the cups off the machine and, therefore, on which side the cups should be decorated!

What about the saucer? Many stop short of having the logo on the saucer - the cup and saucer arrives with the customer as a set so, if the cup is printed, the thinking goes, there is no need to print on the saucer. Plenty of customers do like to have the logo or a strapline on the saucer, the most popular place being in the well under the cup, ready to surprise the unsuspecting drinker.

Add to this the possibility of displaying strapline and messages on the inside rim and even placing logos in the base of the cup, and you can see how important our free graphic design service becomes. We are happy to produce as many graphics as you need in order to agree the size and postion of each logo before you order - use the service!

There are a world of possibilities so, hats off, then to Eatalio in Brighton for having the lot!