CoffeeCups HQ

Summertime has finally reached Sheffield, the home of HQ.

Amongst all the shorts, summer dresses and sun hats, refreshment requirements are changing and people are looking to move away from the hot tea and coffee and are wanting new ways to quench their thirst and cool down.

The traditional coffee shop coolers and iced coffees are a good way to go - they are certainly popular this time of year - but why not push the boat out a little?

The recent trends for artisan food and drink have brought about a rise in new and quirky ways to present products and the scope for playing around is enormous. Just look at our recent posts on Extreme Milkshakes and Mocktails. The possibilities for new and exciting drinks and desserts is huge and the market has never been more ready.

If you want to get in on the action, check out our range of Handled Jars and Cocktail Glasses for an idea of what could be offered, and keep checking our blog for some inspiration on what delights you could come up with.

Enjoy the Summer x