We have just added Steelite's LiV cup and saucers, tea pots and jugs to our range.It is in stock and available now plain or with your logo, in split boxes - we offer split boxes on all Steelite ranges.

We love LiV! Here's why:

1. There are 6 sizes in the range including the espresso cup. So, whether you want to serve cortados, flat whites and Americanos in small cups or larger cappuccinos and lattes, this range cover it.

2. All cups from 6oz to 16oz use the same saucer! This is brilliant - saves you money, storage space and, most importantly, makes it easy for your team to serve different sized coffees when it is busy; no hunting around for the right saucer!

3. The cups are tall and elegant but, most importantly have a big handle - ask your customers how important that is.

4. LiV incorporates three sizes of teapot - all of which are in stock - so you can easily cover tea for one or for two. 

If you would like to see the LiV range for yourself, please email us and we will send a sample set straight out to you!