Weather can be one of the biggest influences on customer behaviour. The warm weather this summer has led to an increased demand for cold drinks, including mocktails.

Alcohol-free juice-based drinks offer all the fun of popular cocktails, featuring colourful, exotic and inventive flavours.

Alcohol-free alternatives are a big hit with customers seeking healthy lifestyles.

A study by website 'Weather Unlocked' found that increased sunlight has a huge effect on a customer's frame of mind.

Customers are willing to pay 37% more for products perceived to be healthy, such as mocktails and green tea, when the sun is shining.

You can fully embrace this trend by producing mocktails featuring superfood ingredients such as chia seeds; which can be easily added to mocktails.

Chia seeds, vaguely related to mint, were favoured by the Aztecs and Mayans, and are full of anti-oxidants and high in fibre.

This summer is a super time to introduce new and exciting alternatives to standard cold drinks.