Thinking of opening a new coffee shop? 

The ideal time to start thinking about your coffee cups is about two months before you open. This gives us time to go through your requirements, send free samples, show you graphic designs of your decorated items and finalise the quote.

If you are putting your business plan together you may want to put a figure in for crockery even if you have no idea yet on the specific style you will use. Not an easy job - well, it wasn't until we came up with the Cup Estimator!

Just plug in the number of seats you plan to have in your coffee shop and the estimator will work out the cost of your cups and plates with and without a logo! You can even email us from the page so we can keep you on file and contact you when you are nearer your opening date.

The Cup Estimator uses our best selling Porcelite range but we can tailor a quote using any of the ranges on the website and can fiddle with the quantities until the totals perfectly match your requirements

Just click on the Cup Estimator link in the top bar of the website to get this job off your desk in an instant! We look forward to talking to you in a few months!