Here at we have seen a huge increase in the number of colour glazed coffee cups exiting our warehouse doors. When we started the business in 2001 we hardly ever sold a cup in a colour other than white. People just didn't want colour in their coffee service! 

We brought black cups into the range twelve years ago and have seen a steady rise in the number of coffee shops demanding a black cup with a white logo or light coloured logo ever since. However, twelve months ago we started to see a large upturn in demand for cups in a range of colours.

We have stocked up in order to meet this demand - just check our the number of colourful ranges on the site from Inker porcelain in trendy pastel shades to Steelite Carnival in bright colours and the rustic Craft range.

We can add your logo just as easily as we can with white cups. Our free design service gives you the chance to play around with your logo to make it work on the colour of your choice. For example, if you have a dark coloured logo and you fancy a dark coloured cup, we can show your logo in white or a light colour to make it stand out. You are in control of how the cups will look and have full design input.

Here at we trry to fill all cup orders from stock. So, it has been quite a challenge stocking up on all these colourful new ranges. The number of lines in the warehouse has doubled over the last couple of years but they are here so take advantage! As with all our ranges, these colour glazed cup and saucers are available with no minimum order quantity and even split boxes so can create your own, unique, set of mix and match colour schemes to suit your coffee shop