Ordering cups and glasses with your logo with no minimum order is easy and fast.


  1. Add the items you're interested in to your list by clicking the button next to them.  When you've selected all the items you want, the next step lets you select whether or not to add artwork to them.  You can upload your logo here, and let us know any special instructions such as logo placement etc.  If you don't have your logo on your computer just post it to us at the address on the contacts page.
  2. We will send you a graphic design showing the items you like bearing your logo - either via email or in the post, whichever you prefer. This enables you to check the size and position of the logos before we go ahead.
  3. You send us a colour match. Pantone references are ideal if you have them but a business card, menu or anything showing us the colour you want to match to, in the post is fine if you don't.
  4. We make your order. Lead time is 2-3 weeks.
  5. Top up orders are available in one week WITH NO MINIMUM ORDER.

The Logo Origination Charge

This set up charge is paid with the first order. It covers all the logo sizes you need for your various cups and glasses. Repeat orders for the same logo are not subject to a set up charge

Ceramic and glass set up charges are applied separately e.g. blue logo on cups and blue logo on glass is £200 set up charge (£100 + £100)

Set up charge special offers:

  • Black logo £50
  • Acid etch glass logo £50 (*Now FREE on orders over 72 glasses!)
  • Black glass logo £50 (*Now FREE on orders over 72 glasses!)  
Number of Colours Ceramic Glass
Black, acid etch £50 £50*
1 Colour £100 £100
2 Colour £140 £140
3 Colour £180 £180
4 Colour £220 £220