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Coffeecups at Caffe Culture 2015

Here at QuickFire Tableware we believe that purchasing custom printed crockery and glasses for your cafe should be as easy as buying plain. To this end, we are repeating our exclusive Caffe Culture Show starter pack offer in 2015! Our starter pack gives you sufficient cups, saucers, plates and bowls for a 24 seat cafe, printed with your logo for only £395 ex. VAT! Don’t worry if you have a smaller or larger cafe – we can quote you a similar level of discount on the exact quantity of cups, plates and bowls that you need. So, if you want to smarten up your existing range or if you are starting a new cafe, check us out on stand A11 at Olympia on 13th and 14th May and see the benefits of our no minimum order custom – print service for yourself! -

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Who works at Video!

If you have ever wondered who works at check out this funky video!

We would like to thank Jay(10 years) & Mo(9 years) for taking time out of there school holidays to create this excellent video.

Caber Coffee – Delivering The Taste!

Here at CoffeeCups we are very proud to see are cups in action and Caber Coffee have kindly sent us some great images of the cups we printed for them.









Here is a small insight in to what Caber Coffee are about and what you can expect from their services.

Over 25 years ago, Caber Coffee’s father and son team set out to make speciality coffee and coffee equipment available to all types of businesses up and down the North East and the rest of Scotland.

With commitment to quality, hard work and an unrelenting thirst for product knowledge our venture grew and grew. Gaining reputation and credibility we became one of the best known and trusted coffee shop suppliers in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Basing our foundations of service on trust, quality and unparalleled value for money, Caber has built its range of products up to include traditional coffee machines and barista tools, specialist beverages and related items and includes a complete range of our own label Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees that can be traced back to the co-operatives, farms and locations where they were grown.

“We’re confident we can offer you the best selection of coffee as our roasters have actually been to the farms to hand select our blends and see for themselves how Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance are helping the families and the communities who produce the coffee.”

Caber Coffee Ltd. is recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation and our complete range of beverages is sustainably sourced and ethically produced with our exclusive Ethyco Coffee brand donating 2% of all ingredient sales back to Social Enterprise projects in the immediate and local areas.

This commitment to welfare coupled with a dedication to customer service and satisfaction (it’s not just anywhere that will send the owner of the company to install your coffee machine) is what makes Caber’s customers return time and time again.

Our genuine passion for the product is clearly demonstrated through how we educate our clients about the coffee production process really helping them to understand what to look for in a blend and pick exactly the right one for their requirements.

For more information about Caber Coffee why not visit there website - 

Industry Profile: Simon Martin –

Letting the cup speak for itself

Sometimes, the inspiration which leads to an entirely new business idea comes when you least expect it, and from a direction you had not previously thought of. It was a light-bulb moment when Simon Martin, acting on a moment’s inspiration, happened to ask himself why so few cafés in the UK used imaginative customised chinaware. A big part of the answer, he decided, was that there were relatively few suppliers, and that they generally required fairly large order quantities.

Despite having no experience in the pottery trade, he researched the mechanics and skills of applying decoration to cups and plates and the firing of pottery, and set up Quickfire Tableware in Sheffield. His most imaginative recent development is the introduction of one-off customised work for cafés – that is, allowing every single item of chinaware to carry a different message… it is the exact opposite of the traditional belief that preparing one set of artwork and printing in quantity from it is the only way to decorate cups.

Who are you, and can you sum up the USP of your company in a sentence?

Simon Martin, 39, director. We supply custom-branded cups, mugs and glasses with no minimum order quantity.

What were your ambitions for your working career, and in what way(s) did they come anywhere near what you are doing now? In what ways did your education (general or university) prepare you for what you are doing now?

When I left university the ambition was just to get a job! 1994 was almost as bad a time to get started as today. I can’t really remember what my long-term goals were because I was so focused on the short-term necessity to start earning and become independent. I didn’t have big ambitions before starting the business – I just worked very hard and moved on year-to-year. The ambition to start the business started in my mid-twenties two or three years before we took the plunge and it was driven by a desire to achieve rather than to earn a fortune. My university course didn’t really prepare me for running the business because so many of the skills are acquired. It was good fun, though!

What is the best bit of sales and marketing advice you have ever been given, and would be prepared to pass on? If you were able to give one piece of advice to someone starting in business for themselves, for the first time, just like you… what would you say?

Keep it simple – one message for one customer. If you try to hit two different targets with the same bullet you miss both. We do some work with business students in local schools and we hammer this point.

What should the café-bar trade really understand about your product and your service to get the best from it?

That we are serious – it really is no minimum order with your logo! It’s not expensive and you can buy just what you need. We spend lots of time talking to new coffee shops who doubt the credibility of this claim, so the phone remains a big part of our sales operation.

What has been your most memorable success?

Bringing screenprinting in-house in 2011. It has given us full control of production and improved the service we offer. It took so long to get done and felt like a real achievement. We brought Rob over from Poland to run it and now his family are settled in Sheffield, with his girlfriend, Joanna, also working for us. Christmas parties will never be the same…

And what was your most forgettable experience? And what did you learn from that?

In our second year we jumped into a large order with a big coffee supplier without protecting ourselves from the risks. We didn’t get paid for months and it was very scary. We learned a lot from that – recognise the importance of your product and service and ask for what you need. Don’t be led by the nose into something you are not happy with.

What do you enjoy about working with the coffee-house and café-bar trades?

We have a great time talking to our café customers. It’s a really nice community of people trying to do something for themselves and there is such variety that it never gets dull. It’s not hard-nosed and, as long as we keep our service levels high, we deal with our customers year after year and really get to know them. It’s ace.

What do you think will be the biggest potential prospects for your product sector in the café-bar trade in the coming months? And what will be the biggest threat?

The variety of drinks offered in cafés is driving new sales. We are being asked to supply an ever widening range of cups as the market develops and we need to meet that challenge. Social media is helping to identify trends and get solutions in place quickly. I’d say the biggest threat is coming from new cafés trying to save a few pounds by picking up crockery at a superstore. It’s a false economy – let us prove it to you!

What’s the best business freebie or business gift you’ve ever had?

Those days are gone! When I was a rep in the nineties we used to take customers all over the place but the culture has changed – for the better. I used to hate it. We did once get a beautiful set of Versace cup and saucers from a supplier in Stoke On Trent.

Ideally, what will you do with your retirement?

I’m not thinking about retirement! I’m a young man in the prime of life. I watched England play India in Dharamsala, last week, and put a visit there on the list. Cricket watching would feature heavily.

Grab A Late Bargain With Design My Own

Valentine’s Day, the 14th February, is the day we celebrate our feelings of affection for our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives. It is traditional to do this with a special romantic gift.

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift for him or the perfect token of love for her? Look no further than here!

Our sister site Design My Own have the perfect pint for Him or an elegant wine glass for Her and both can be personalised for only £5.00!!!

not only is this a great deal! There are also further discounts across the range in their January sale.

Check out Design My Own now and pick up a great gift at an even better price!

The Bottle Kiln – Good Food Beautiful Objects!

About the Bottle Kiln

At The Bottle Kiln, the Stone Family have converted a unique historic building into a relaxing and contemporary space for the enjoyment of some of the finer things in life: objects of beauty, delight and indulgence; treats and surprises; home-cooked food and award-winning coffee. It’s a place to meet with friends, wander and browse, or to buy a special present. A visit to The Bottle Kiln is often the beginning of a long and happy relationship.

What is at the Bottle Kiln?

The Shop
is perfect for those who love something special and individual. It has an exceptional collection of decorative accessories, jewellery, toiletries, stationery, cards and giftware to tempt and delight.

The Café
is a warm, contemporary and inviting place for the enjoyment of food, drink and good company. It offers delicious lunches, puddings and temptingly good cakes, all freshly prepared each day in their kitchen, as well as an excellent range of teas and award-winning ground coffees.

Tranquil Garden
behind the old kiln you’ll find a Japanese-style tea garden where you can sit out and eat on sunny days. It has raked gravel and a pretty, meandering pathway around a central water feature and you will find rustic tables and parasols that are dotted about.


The Stone family purchased the derelict site in 1983. Charles Stone designed and built the present complex, of which only the kiln shell is an original building, with substantial help from his sons. The business here has been run by the Stone family ever since.

This site was originally an estate sawmill making pit-props for the Newdigate Estate coal mines. In the mid-19th Century additional buildings were erected to house a small brick works using materials from a nearby clay pit.

Artisan Coffee

At The Bottle Kiln they love great coffee, ranging from…Fresh, fruity, nutty, chocolaty, smoky & complex…  with a gorgeous aroma, wonderful taste and the subtle differences in flavour, body and acidity that make each coffee unique. As well as using only the freshest, quality, craft-roasted beans, and having some of the most talented baristas in the country, The Bottle Kiln are always on the lookout for the latest brewing techniques in order to get the best extraction and provide you with a fabulous coffee experience.

Here at CoffeeCups we are very proud to see are cups in action and hope you enjoy drinking one of The Bottle Kilns finest Artisan coffees on your next visit.

To find out more about The Bottle Kiln visit –

Cafédirect – Made the Small Way!

is a pioneering tea, coffee and hot chocolate company with a unique business model. More than twenty years ago they set out to prove that business can be a force for good and were the first coffee brand in the UK to carry the Fairtrade label.

Today they are still building direct relationships with smallholder growers, because the big thing that smallholders have is pride and passion…and that’s what makes their award-winning hot drinks taste so good. In return they pay growers what they deserve, instead of paying middlemen. And by working together in true partnership they do more,investing over 50% of our profits in growers to create a more sustainable future.

Here at CoffeeCups we are proud to produce products under the Cafédirect brand as nothing tastes better than the perfect Cafédirect beverage in the perfect Cafédirect cup.

I could go on and on about how awesome Cafédirect are but i think their Promotional video does this for me!

For all you need to know about the Cafédirect brand and products visit –

Into Cocktails?… Check these Valentine’s Day cocktails out!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, why not get organised and make it a special night when you are relaxing with your loved one.

Make it romantic with special cocktails specifically created for Valentine’s Day.

We have a couple of cocktails that can be made at home. These cocktails would look great in a personalised glass from our sister website Design-My-Own.

French Sparkle

You get the flavor of the former and the airiness of the latter with a touch of mango nectar to sweeten things up a bit. It is a delightful drink designed for the meant-to-impress occasions, though for all its sparkle, you get the satisfaction of knowing it’s really one of the easiest drinks to concoct.

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 3 minutes

Yield: 1 Cocktail


  • 1 oz. Chambord Flavored Vodka
  • 1 oz. Champagne
  • 2 oz. Mango Nectar
  • Mango slice and black raspberry for garnish


  1. Shake vodka and mango nectar with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.
  2. Top with champagne.
  3. Garnish with a mango slice and a black raspberry.

Raspberry Truffle

This Raspberry Truffle is the ultimate dessert cocktail. It’s a scrumptious mix of coffee and raspberry flavours, mixed with premium vodka and topped with a generous supply of whipped cream, it’s the perfect ending to an elegant dinner, or anytime you have a super-sweet tooth.


  • 1 oz Blue Ice American Vodka
  • 3/4 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
  • 3/4 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
  • fresh whipped cream


  1. Pour the vodka, Kahlua and Chambord into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Strain into a chilled, Champagne glass or tall wine glass.

Top with a pile of fresh whipped cream.

We would love to hear how you get on and if a personalised glass from Design-My-Own made the day extra special.


Caffè Ritazza

Some fabulous decorated items for Caffè Ritazza have come off the kiln and we wanted to share them with you.

Here is Caffè Ritazza’s story!

“At Caffè Ritazza, our aim is simple, to bring to busy travellers great coffee, freshly made food, in a space that is uncluttered and where the service is efficient and friendly.

We are justly proud of our own coffee blend but more than anything else, the dedication, talent and skill of our baristas to ensure that whether it’s a straight espresso or a Flat White, you can be sure of uncompromising taste.

Inspired by the Italian culture of food, we also provide delicious treats, freshly made and well-sourced food prepared everyday in our kitchens.

Caffè Ritazza has become a rendezvous for people happy to escape from the hustle and bustle of life on the go and a haven for those seeking a great coffee.”

At Caffè Ritazza we use only the finest world-class coffees from around the globe, and all our beans are handpicked and sorted for premium quality. We have carefully developed our bespoke coffee blends to match the local taste and cultures of our caffès in many different countries.

All of our teas are premium quality, created with the best selected tea blends, brewed to clearly defined standards and served in tea pots.

At Caffè Ritazza we have an obsession with quality food.
Inspired by the Italian culture of food, we really believe in the pleasure of taste, that’s why freshness is so important to us. Where possible the food you can enjoy in Caffè Ritazza is freshly prepared in our kitchens from well sourced ingredients. It’s good, honest food that creates a great eating experience.
Just as you will experience the very best standards in coffee making at Caffè Ritazza, your eating experience will be just as rewarding.

You can find out more about Caffè Ritazza and your local Caffè here!

Fabulous Prints off our Kiln!

Some fabulous decorated items have come off the kiln last week and we wanted to share them with you.