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CoffeeCups at Caffe Culture 2014!


It’s that time again and we here at coffeecups are preparing to hit the show floor at this year’s caffé culture exhibition on 14-15 May at the Olympia Exhibition Centre!

With top companies such as Lotus, Teapigs and many more attending, there’s plenty to see for those thinking about starting a café or those who already own one, looking to inject some life into their business, there will be plenty to do

Boasting an exclusive show offer and no minimum order, Coffeecups hopes to reach out to new and existing customers alike; you won’t want to miss us!

Taken from Caffé culture website

With around 5,000 trade visitors attending over two days to do business, the Caffè Culture Show is the UK’s café bar market’s main focal point of the year. Talented people who own and run independent coffee shops, cafes and restaurants across the UK as well as senior buyers with top-level purchasing authority from the high street chains, department stores, hotels and health clubs visit the show to see the latest products, gather new ideas, get expert advice on choosing the right products and make new contacts.

Exhibiting at the show is the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience and is the only café bar event in the UK dedicated to conducting business. “

There will be practical demos and free seminars to attend, including customer satisfaction, street food and reviews of trends for the year, which will be great for any new businesses.


With the new feature of street food at this year’s event, companies hope to attract cafes and restaurants to the streets selling their products due to the rising trend.


So if you’re heading down to London this year for caffe culture, why not pay us a visit at our stand? We’re located at stand A16, you won’t be able to miss us!

One for the road – Bike shops serving coffee




Cyclist like coffee, right? So why not serve it in your shop? will be attending NEC Cycle Show on the 26th September with the a great offer designed to enable bike shops to serve coffee to their customers.

We want to really encourage bike shops to serve coffee in their shop to get customers through their doors, and maybe after a nice refreshing cup of coffee, they will buy some supplies from the bike shop.

The idea is to provide bike shops with bean to cup machines and customized crockery that will put the shop on the cyclist’s route, turning the shop into a destination for cyclists, all the while directing customers through your doors, to your products, generating more business.

For more information on this great idea, head down to the NEC Cycle show, stand B23  on the 26th September, and have a chat with Simon or Al. Catch us there and ask us how to put your shop on their route!

Drive-in Coffee Place for Cyclists


There are a lot of drive-through places, but not many cater to cyclists. Sure, you can still go through the drive through on your bike, but it’s not the best experience in the world to be treated to the exhaust of other vehicles waiting in line – and some places expressly disallow cyclists at their drive-through’s.

With the goal of providing cyclists with a better coffee experience when they’re on the go, urban authorities in Zurich teamed up with a team of designers to set up the Velokafi.

The Velokafi is essentially a bike-through coffee drive-in that is dedicated to serving cyclists. The highlight is perhaps the wooden tables with slits for the bike wheel that lets people have their coffee without getting off of their bike. To compensate cyclists for getting the word out about the coffee shop, baristas hand out free cups of coffee to cyclists who check in to Velokafi on sites like Facebook and Twitter.


The Velokafi is part of Zurich’s strategy to improve their transportation infrastructure by 2025. Looks like things are going pretty well so far.

Enticing, hey?

Perhaps this idea will catch on elsewhere and David Cameron will introduce this system in London?

We look with interest to see what else Zurich will come up with to reduce car use in the city.

Celebrity coffee – Rockin and Roastin


You might remember that Peter Andre recently opened his first coffee shop in south London.

Others, such as Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine), have also been inspired to become involved in the coffee industry, leaning towards a charitable bent.
Jackman was moved by the plight of coffee farmers during his visit to Africa and has since been motivated to help them.

But another famous face has hit the coffee headlines of late, another celebrity who hopes to get involved with a coffee business.

Who is it?

The answer is Joey Kramer, the drummer from the famous band, Aerosmith, is gearing up to start his own coffee brand.

What will it be called? Rockin’ and Roastin’ Coffee of course.

He intends to be up and running with his new business venture later in the month.

As reported in the Boston Herald, this new coffee brand is a collaboration between the celebrity musician and also North Andover’s Comfort Foods inc.


How would you get hold of this brand?

It is to be sold in local markets, apparently and also distributed by Comfort Foods.

As is increasingly popular these days, the coffee is marketing itself on being an organic product.

Coffee sausages


Most of us love a decent cup of coffee the past decade has seen the rise and rise of coffee the world over, as we fall in love with the humble coffee bean.

There are many ways of drinking our coffee from lattes to espressos to mochas to cappuccinos.

However, people are becoming more creative with the consumption of coffee.


Many of us will be familiar with the use of coffee in baking think of the traditional coffee and walnut cake, for instance.

However, a butcher in Lincoln has gone one step further in using coffee as an ingredient in his product.

The story was reported on by This is Lincolnshire and tells the tale of Andrew Beeson.

This butcher has won awards for his sausages the pork, leek and onion sausage was awarded the Butcher’s Choice at the Bucher’s Pride Sausage Competition 2013.

However, Beeson has been inventive with his new speciality sausages.


He has created the Mocha Real Ale sausage.

Apparently, these sausages were commissioned by Batemans Brewery, as the Mocha Coffee and Chocolate Ale was awarded the prize in the Great British Beer Hunt 2012.

What do you think?

Would you like to taste coffee in your sausage?

Or in your ale?

Or your cake?

Or perhaps you just prefer to leave it in your coffee cup.

Coffee and cellulite


There have been some interesting articles about coffee and cellulite in the news of late.

Women, ever plagued by the orange peel effect on particular areas of their body (often areas such as thighs), are on the hunt for creams and treatments that can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The beauty market is littered with varied and expensive products.

What has coffee got to do with any of this?

There is a new product on the market called the Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream.

This 43 pot of cream includes caffeine as a key ingredient which, apparently, helps to drain toxins and break down fat cells this is all aimed at breaking down the fat under the skin that is held responsible for cellulite.

Alongside green coffee, the ingredients of this product also include grapefruit acids and kola nut.

For those who want toned and smooth pins on the beach, no doubt this new cream could be enticing.

But it’s not the only alternative.

Another beauty website has been promoting coffee as a way to reduce cellulite in a less expensive way.

They suggest a make-your-own scrub to banish cellulite, without breaking the bank.

However, the key ingredient is caffeine, as it is said to boost fat metabolism.

Check out the recipes on the web which mix ingredients such as oil, sugar, vanilla extract and coffee grounds, to make a scrub to slough away dead skin and apparently ‘absorb’ fat.

Fancy trying one of these out?

Think it will work?

Caber Coffee – Delivering The Taste!

Here at CoffeeCups we are very proud to see are cups in action and Caber Coffee have kindly sent us some great images of the cups we printed for them.









Here is a small insight in to what Caber Coffee are about and what you can expect from their services.

Over 25 years ago, Caber Coffee’s father and son team set out to make speciality coffee and coffee equipment available to all types of businesses up and down the North East and the rest of Scotland.

With commitment to quality, hard work and an unrelenting thirst for product knowledge our venture grew and grew. Gaining reputation and credibility we became one of the best known and trusted coffee shop suppliers in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Basing our foundations of service on trust, quality and unparalleled value for money, Caber has built its range of products up to include traditional coffee machines and barista tools, specialist beverages and related items and includes a complete range of our own label Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees that can be traced back to the co-operatives, farms and locations where they were grown.

“We’re confident we can offer you the best selection of coffee as our roasters have actually been to the farms to hand select our blends and see for themselves how Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance are helping the families and the communities who produce the coffee.”

Caber Coffee Ltd. is recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation and our complete range of beverages is sustainably sourced and ethically produced with our exclusive Ethyco Coffee brand donating 2% of all ingredient sales back to Social Enterprise projects in the immediate and local areas.

This commitment to welfare coupled with a dedication to customer service and satisfaction (it’s not just anywhere that will send the owner of the company to install your coffee machine) is what makes Caber’s customers return time and time again.

Our genuine passion for the product is clearly demonstrated through how we educate our clients about the coffee production process really helping them to understand what to look for in a blend and pick exactly the right one for their requirements.

For more information about Caber Coffee why not visit there website - 

World’s most expensive coffee beans plucked from elephant excrement!

Civet coffee made a splash in the headlines when it was revealed that Indonesian farmers fed civet cats coffee beans that were then used — post-digestion, shall we say — to create coffee that cost up to $320 per pound. Connoisseurs of coffee claim that the mammal’s digestive acids tame the bitterness of the bean, creating a superior smoothness in flavor.

Now a Canadian businessman in Thailand, Blake Dinkin, has taken the concept a step further with the introduction of Black Ivory Coffee. Plucked from piles of pachyderm poop, the beans are said to produce a coffee with a smooth and earthy flavor, for a mere pittance of $500 per pound, or $50 a cup. It was first unveiled at several luxury hotels in Thailand, Maldives and United Arab Emirates.

The total supply for 2012 was 110 pounds with hopes for that to increase in 2013, depending on manpower. (As well as elephant “power,” we presume.)

A group of 20 or so elephants on a sanctuary are fed coffee beans from nearby plantations. After the beans take a spin through the elephants’ digestive systems where enzymes break down the proteins and are then expelled, the beans are gathered from the waste, sun-dried and roasted.

“In contrast to carnivores, herbivores such as elephants use much more fermentation for digestion. Fermentation is desirable in coffee as it helps to impart the fruit from the coffee pulp into the bean,” says the company’s website. As well, when the proteins that are responsible for bitterness are denatured, a smoother-tasting product is created.

And although visions of fidgety elephants all hopped up on caffeine come to mind (like, maybe they should offer them paint and canvas to calm their nerves), the company promises that the elephants suffer no ill effects from ingesting the beans. Dinkin employs veterinarians to care for the elephants, and he pays the local Thai villagers who tend to the animals a fair salary that includes free health care for their families.

“I’m out to make money, but I also want to make a difference,” he said. “We operate in a transparent manner. Vets who are here to inspect the elephants are well taken care of. I’ve worked with food scientists, wildlife experts, picked the best sanctuary. It’s all on my own money.”

Muhammad Lila from ABC reports:

Espresso Smirnoff – coffee flavoured vodka

Smirnoff  is expanding its range of flavoured vodka with the introduction of Espresso Smirnoff.

Available in the UK within all channels from April, the new variant is a blend of Smirnoff Red with the natural flavour of espresso coffee, which is extracted from real coffee beans.

Karen O’Shea, marketing manager for Smirnoff Western Europe, said: “There is a significant opportunity to grow flavoured vodka sales in the UK, as we can learn from the US where flavoured vodka accounts for 18% of the total vodka category.

“In the UK, flavoured vodka is worth £88m in the on-trade and £28m in the off-trade, and the launch of Smirnoff Espresso is set to attract a wider audience into the segment by offering new and existing Smirnoff consumers an inventive twist on their usual spirit and mixer combination.”

The launch of Espresso Smirnoff will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign including in-store sampling, PR and point of sale.