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CoffeeCups at Caffe Culture 2014!


It’s that time again and we here at coffeecups are preparing to hit the show floor at this year’s caffé culture exhibition on 14-15 May at the Olympia Exhibition Centre!

With top companies such as Lotus, Teapigs and many more attending, there’s plenty to see for those thinking about starting a café or those who already own one, looking to inject some life into their business, there will be plenty to do

Boasting an exclusive show offer and no minimum order, Coffeecups hopes to reach out to new and existing customers alike; you won’t want to miss us!

Taken from Caffé culture website

With around 5,000 trade visitors attending over two days to do business, the Caffè Culture Show is the UK’s café bar market’s main focal point of the year. Talented people who own and run independent coffee shops, cafes and restaurants across the UK as well as senior buyers with top-level purchasing authority from the high street chains, department stores, hotels and health clubs visit the show to see the latest products, gather new ideas, get expert advice on choosing the right products and make new contacts.

Exhibiting at the show is the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience and is the only café bar event in the UK dedicated to conducting business. “

There will be practical demos and free seminars to attend, including customer satisfaction, street food and reviews of trends for the year, which will be great for any new businesses.


With the new feature of street food at this year’s event, companies hope to attract cafes and restaurants to the streets selling their products due to the rising trend.


So if you’re heading down to London this year for caffe culture, why not pay us a visit at our stand? We’re located at stand A16, you won’t be able to miss us!

Beerspresso Machine To Begin a Coffee and Beer Trend?

It may be across the pond in Atlanta, but with the recent budget changes in the UK, the beerspresso machine of Taproom Café seems like a great idea! The Espresso machine has been gutted and repurposed into a 12-tap “Beerspresso” machine, it includes a glass rinser mounted into the drip tray plus three additional taps for chilled water, filtered water and sparkling water.


The inventor, Jonathan Pascual is a seasoned barista who came up with the taproom café concept and launched a kickstarter for it, which blitzed the $15,000 goal in just a week!. More specifically, the plans for the café are to get each barista certified at the Counter Culture’s Atlanta Regional Training Centre, and all the beer will have a focus on local craft ales, also, they will be locally sourcing cake and sweets from local bakeries. The goal for all of this to be in motion is May.

It would appear that the coffee and beer trend has even caught on in America, with a few places opening in England hoping to do the same. The idea itself is simple, coffee and beer bring people together, but in different places, so why not combine the two?

The concept of coffee and beer/ale houses is not a new idea, however it has seen a recent turn in popularity, and it is still on the rise. It could be that we see more and more of these emerge as the trend catches on, potentially even big chains could get behind it, and why wouldn’t they if it’s a good idea?

This trend could see a rise in coffee and beer bars across the UK, especially with beer being slightly lower in price thanks to the new budget.

But will it work? Will the idea take off? Will coffee and beer cafés become something seen one every high street or just a passing trend?


London Coffee Festival Coming Soon!

heart 2

At the beginning of April, coffee retailers, suppliers and cafes will be gathering in London to partake in the London Coffee Festival as part of the UK Coffee Week! With many names such as Black Sheep, Costa, UE Coffee Roasters and even Starbucks in attendance

Extract from official website 

The London Coffee Festival celebrates London’s bustling and vibrant coffee scene.   With over 20,000 visitors expected, The London Coffee Festival promises to be an unmissable event for discerning coffee lovers and those working in the coffee scene. “

In total there will be over 250 artisan coffee and gourmet stalls to visit, tastings and even demonstrations from some of the world’s finest baristas. Alongside this there will be workshops, coffee labs, “Coffee Based Cocktails”, Live DJs & Music, art exhibitions and some of London’s finest fashion designers; such as Milk & Sugar and food retailers from across the UK

“The Lab” will consist of programmes and live demonstrations such as coffee art and science, different brewing techniques and new tastes, with interactive workshops tackling ethical issues and tips for setting up your own coffee shop!


“The Coffee Art Project” is an art competition with a coffee theme, with fundraising at heart it hopes to showcase the talent and skill of some well-known and up and coming artists; The aim is to capture the essence of coffee and the coffee shop experience. The artists are masterful in all kinds of craft ranging from Hand-Drawn design to videography. So far, over 80 artists are lined up for the event after its previous success.

The prize is £1500 with the chance to have the art appearing on Coffee By Tate for a year! The five shortlisted runners up will get £250 and the visitors are able to vote for their favourite piece.

“The World Coffee Tour” Presented by Union Coffee Roasters is a showcase of the finest coffees from around the world, showing their distinct flavours and the factors that cause this, Union will be giving live roasting demonstrations of different coffees throughout the weekend.

“The True Artisan Café” is a presentation from Europe’s best coffee shops and roasters, allowing people to sample the best bespoke coffees and cocktails, listen to some live DJ sets as well as learning how to make a professional coffee, best thing is it is all for charity! Raising more than £4000 for Project Waterfall!


“The Milk Bar” By Cravendale, also called the M.I.L.K BATTLE is taking place on Thursday and Friday, it will see baristas with a knack for latte art lock horns in a showdown until the Sunday final where one barista will be crowned victorious and will claim the prize of a trip to a coffee country of origin.


“Poetry Café” is an even where visitors can share their favourite pieces of poetry and also budding poets are encouraged to submit their favourite words.

The event will also host the UK Barista Championships, where baristas will compete and demonstrate their skills and knowledge along with presentation and all round ability!

“The Science of Espresso” is presented by a team from L’Accademia di Cimbali, demonstrating that coffee can be just as geeky as science! The crew will be focusing on grinding, temperature, pressure and milk as the key elements of great coffee, their success at last year’s even has driven them to make this year’s show all about 100 years of excellence and the future of coffee.

There are two industry days being held on the 3rd and 4th April, with the public event being held on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday including an Espresso Martini Launch Party.

So are you heading down to London this April for the event? What are you looking forward to seeing? You can tweet us your pictures from the event @coffeecupstweet

You can find more info about the event here 

Or from their Twitter @LdnCoffeeFest 


Oscars Nominees In Latte Art!


Leonardo Di’Cappuccino, anyone?

One very talented barista has recreated some of the lucky winners and nominees of the Oscars in the foam of a latte!

latte art 4

Mike Breach, in a promotion with illy USA of York decided to pay tribute to the 2014 Oscar nominations by recreating some of the stars and films!

Latte art 3


With the increasing popularity of latte art, perhaps it will see a more permanent fixture as a staple part of the coffee shop experience, who knows, latte artists could be turning up at your local café should they become popular enough

Are there any talented baristas who try their hand at latte art at your local café? Tweet us a picture @Coffeecupstweet, let’s see some talented baristas at work!


Latte ART 01

You can see more at his Tumblr account

Worst Drought in Years Hits Brazil’s Coffee Trade


At this time of year the coffee plants in the mountains of Brazil are usually in bloom, but last month a drought hit Brazil worse than has been seen for decades, seriously damaging the yields of Arabica coffee beans. This weather has hit the record books and has caused desperate measures across the country, even to the point of water rationing extreme enough (according to some newspapers) for some areas to only receive water once every three days. As a result of all of this, Arabica coffee could inflate in price by as much as 50% on the market

Luckily, at the moment the retail prices are stable: as most coffee roasters have enough of a supply of coffee to cover their production for a few months, however the inevitable backlash from the extremes of weather means that most people will notice a creeping increase in the price of their Arabica coffee this year, reaching their highest price in 14 months.

Before any of this started, there had been concerns for the coffee market already, with there being an shortage as it stood before the drought, causing a global coffee deficit, with roughly millions of  bags less being produced than previous years, the apparent reasoning for this was that there was somewhat of a glut in Arabica coffee at the end of last year, there was enough of it to mean that the Arabica coffee futures fell by up to a quarter

The rise in the price of coffee is completely unavoidable, as the developing world has begun to have a market for it including Brazil itself, India and China. Inevitably with more people drinking coffee, demand rises and supply may struggle to meet or adjust to the new levels of demand.

The drought is also causing issues for those who take sugar in their drink too, as it has meant that sugar cane cannot be harvested as efficiently either.

How to Make Black Russian and White Russian Drinks!

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics in Russia going on right now, we’ve been looking into famous coffees from Russia, perhaps the most famous of which are the Black Russian and White Russian, so while you’re sat at home or at a bar with your friends enjoying some winter sport, why not settle down with one of these famous drinks?

We’ve found some recipes for both drinks right here so you too can enjoy one hot or cold while the athletes compete for the Gold!

Black Russian

Everyone knows this one, it’s just as classic as the White Russian and is largely the same!

Ingredients: (Source:

1 oz vodka
1/2 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
1 tsp amaretto almond liqueur
5 ozhot black coffee
1 1/2 oz whipped cream
1 tsp sugar

To prepare build ingredients in an old fashioned glass and serve over ice, stir well

Here’s a little info from

“The Black Russian is a simple vodka and coffee liqueur drink. This popular lowball is known throughout the world and is so popular that it (and the White Russian) should be one of the first that every aspiring bartender should memorize.

Experiment beyond the common coffee liqueurs like Kahlua to create different tastes. One like the creamier Cafe Boheme paired with 42 Below’s Manuka Honey vodka is a great match for a nightcap or an after dinner drink.”


White Russian

A bar favourite and very versatile when it comes to creating more from the same ingredients!

About this drink : (

“The White Russian is a drink everyone should know. It’s a simple, creamy vodka mixed drink with a nice coffee flavor that makes a great after dinner sipper.

If you skip the cream you’ll have a Black Russian, give the White Russian a shake at the end and you have a Dirty Bird, add amaretto and you have a Roasted Toasted Almond, add cola and the drink is a Colorado Bulldog, replace the vodka with rye whiskey and you have a Sneaky Pete. The related drink list to the White Russian is almost endless.”

Ingredients: (Source: 

2 oz Vodka

1 oz Kahlúa

Heavy cream

“Add the vodka and Kahlúa to an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Top with a large splash of heavy cream and stir.”


Did you know: The story goes that the Black Russian was created in the late 1940s by Gustave Tops in Hotel Metropole in Brussels, he was serving a drink to Perle Mesta, the American ambassador. Apparently, Gustave wanted to make her a signature drink. The white Russian came a lot later, around the 1960s, and was popularised by Jeff Bridges as the Dude in The Big Lebowski, famously drinking  8 of them throughout the film, and dropping a ninth. (source:­­


“Hey, careful, man, there’s a beverage here!”

Fancy Serving one or two up yourself? Do it right with our selection of Glassware!

Office Dogs Boosting Morale!

tulip copy

This is Tulip! She likes to drop us a visit!

Since the introduction of Tulip to the office, things have been running a lot smoother

Dogs are often thought of for their companionship and playful nature, and recently we’ve had visits from Tulip, one of our employees, Alex’s dog and morale has been boosted greatly, having her run around the office really brings people together.

It has been proven that office dogs encourage positive emotion and collaborative behaviour among employees, perhaps due to a general  fondness towards dogs, but the evidence is there that these furry little colleagues help increase work efficiency as a by-product of making the employees feel better by brightening up the office hours.

Office dogs are proven to make employees feel much less stressed, perhaps because even during seriously busy days they add an air of positivity by just being around. People with pets tend to be happier, therefore when there is a pet in the office, the office is happier.

While boosting team building behaviour, they also make sure you utilize your breaks by encouraging workers to get up and move around (mainly to throw a squeaky toy) during their breaks and lunch hours.

At Coffeecups, Tulip tends to wander (or lounge) around the office and runs to greet people who enter, putting a smile on their faces before they sit at their desk.

The science behind it is simple, dogs help the release of endorphins in humans when we encounter stress, the endorphins make us feel better, we become more productive.

Office dogs can also be beneficial to clients too, seeing a dog (unless of course they don’t like dogs) generally will make them feel more positive upon entering your headquarters, perhaps it will make them feel more at ease.

Having a dog around the office helps relieve that day to day office tension when things get tough, and generally make your workers happier, the best and most productive days at Coffeecups are the days when Tulip is here with us helping us get through the daily grind!

It just goes to show that having Fido by the Fax Machine really does boost office efficiency as well as creating a much more positive atmosphere for the workers!

New Study finds Caffeine in Coffee May have Direct Link to Better Memory


Anyone who spends enough time awake studying or working through the night will tell you coffee is their best friend, but a new study suggests that, in fact that double espresso you drank at 2am might actually improve your memory retention, which is great news for students (well, at least those that like coffee)

Nature Neuroscience has published an article by Michael Yassa, a neuroscientist in Irvine, California

The test group contained 160 adults who consumed only a little bit of caffeine. These volunteers studied images of various objects, before arbitrarily being given a pill containing a 200mg dose of caffeine, the same as two espressos, or a placebo containing absolutely nothing, it was found that the caffeine, other than effecting alertness, boosted their ability to isolate the images in their memories.

24 hours after this they took a memory test again involving the same random images, some new images and some images that were extremely similar but not the same; the participants were asked to identify which images were old, new or similar. At this point it was recorded that there was no difference in the identification between new and old images in either group. However this was because this part of the task was exceptionally simple.

On the other hand, the group which had been given caffeine were significantly better at identifying the images that were similar in contrast to old, which, in theory is a much more difficult task, as a result of this it was concluded that caffeine “enhances long-term memory by improving the process of memory consolidation.”

Yassa goes on to say

 “This doesn’t mean people should only drink coffee after they’ve studied, and not before,”

This is because it is believed that the process of memory consolidation takes place as soon as the memories have been formed.

It was concluded that the caffeine was only effective immediately afterwards, not at a length of time afterwards;

“So let’s say you studied without coffee and decided to drink a cup right before an exam – that’s not going to help you retrieve memories better,” 


coffee being made


These results have impressed a professor at Newcastle University, Geraldine Wright had shown the link between caffeine and long term memories in honeybees in the previous year.

“We were often asked: what are the implications for humans?” says Wright. “So it’s nice someone actually did the experiment and found evidence that caffeine has a direct effect on memory consolidation.”


The study conducted by Yassa showed that the caffeine dose is important. It has been repeated with 100 and 300mg doses and they have found neither was that different from the placebo; therefor the optimal dose is 200mg. This could be due to other effects that occur at higher doses of caffeine, which could cancel out the memory consolidation boost; such as jitters and headaches.

Geraldine Wright’s experiment had found similar signs in bees;

“In high concentrations it looks like [caffeine] is bad for learning – so don’t drink too much!” says Wright’s colleague Julie Mustard at Arizona State University in Phoenix.

In conclusion a double espresso after revision or taking in some important information has been linked to helping you remember it, useful for students before exams!



Journal reference: Nature Neuroscience, DOI: 10.1038/nn.3623


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Joining the Trend: Colour Glazed Crockery


Since starting the business in 2001, the main demand from coffee shops has been for white cups…


However recently, as in fashion, there has been an increase in the emergence of colour glazed crockery in the market and cropping up in restaurants and cafes.

According to suppliers, restaurants and cafes have been preferring coloured cups and plates, mainly leaning towards extremes of rustic, old fashioned crockery, such as Steelite Craft and vibrant, colourful tableware such as Steelite Carnival.



The trend of colour is not in cafes and fashion alone, interior design, graphic design and many more creative areas are all leaning towards the use of colour, as oppose to the monochrome fashions of yesteryear.

This suggests that, as a trend, people prefer some variety in their cafe, perhaps serving different drinks in different colours by mixing and matching the carnival range, or, perhaps serving a signature dish in a restaurant on a rustic, old styled plate.
8811151622174We at Coffeecups stock the rustic, old styled Craft range as you see above, we also stock the Carnival range. We offer BOTH of these exciting ranges in split cases, and as with all of our cups, you can have these branded (Craft on the inside only) with no minimum order quantity!


You can find them under our Colour Glazed Cup Section